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Christian Wallumrød

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Christian Wallumrød has worked as a musician and composer since 1992, and he is considered one of the most prominent and influential musicians of his generation in Norway.  Following his debut on ECM Records (“No Birch”, issued in 1996), he has released a string of albums with Christian Wallumrød Ensemble (CWE) on the same label, all to considerable critical acclaim. The latest record ’Outstairs’ was rewarded with the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannsprisen 2013). While being the composer and leader of his own ensemble, Wallumrød also focusses strongly on improvisation with another longstanding collaboration, the French/Norwegian group Dans Les Arbres (DLA), also with two releases on ECM. CWE and DLA has been his main body of work over the last 10-12 years, and both groups are touring extensively. A quite recent project is Brutter, Christian’s collaboration with drummer brother Fredrik, a duo dive into human and machine driven pulses. Early 2015 is release time for his first solo album named Pianokammer (on the Norwegian label Hubro).






Christian Wallumrød has for many years been regarded as one of the most prominent and original creators of music in Norway. He is instantly identifiable both as a composer and as a pianist, while at the same time any attempt to categorise his music is doomed to fail. It is not surprising that on his first solo album, “Pianokammer”, Wallumrød has come up with his own special twists and turns. Here he presents an inspired solo album that is as challenging as it is enjoyable.
The album, produced by Wallumrød himself, was recorded in a number of venues and on a variety of grand pianos. He experiments with different recording techniques, overdubs, natural resonance and editing. In terms of the music, the album alternates successfully between inquisitive, challenging excursions and catchy, carefree, melodic pieces. The music fluctuates between very intimate and far out. “Pianokammer” was constructed in the studio to a greater degree than his earlier albums, but without losing the kind of chamber music dynamism we are accustomed to hearing from him.
Christian Wallumrød comes from a jazz and church music background, and in his four records with his ever changing ensemble on ECM he has erased the borders between jazz, hymns, gospel, folk music, baroque music and contemporary music, while carving out his own niche in the hearts and minds of listeners and critics. At the same time he has been involved in equally remarkable collaborative projects in the group Dans les Arbres as well as with artists such as Susanne Sundfør, Nils Petter Molvær, Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer, Karl Seglem, Jan Bang, Garth Knox, DJ Strangefruit, Oslo Sinfonietta and Kim Myhr.
Wallumrød won a Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) for his previous album, “Outstairs” (ECM, 2013), and was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize for the album “Fabula Suite Lugano” (ECM, 2010).

Man blir sittende ytterst på stolen med ørene på stilk for å høre neste idé og hva som nå kommer, noe som er med på gjøre lyttingen til en fest. Mot slutten vender han litt tilbake til starten med loops og litt electronikk som binder det hele sammen på en flott og naturlig måte. Lyden er gjennomgående ganske tørr og langt fra det ECM’ske lydideal, noe som også gir oss Wallumrød i en litt ny setting. Gjennomgående er dette blitt en utrolig variert og vakker innspilling fra en av Norges ledende pianister. Jeg må si at jeg lenge har savnet å høre Wallumrød solo på plate. Hans egenskaper og idérikdom som pianist er stor, noe han beviser til fulle på «Pianokammer». En plate jeg absolutt anbefaler til alle med store, åpne ører!
- Salt Peanuts, Jan Granlie (N)




Gjermund Larsen - violin / hardangerfiddle / viola

Tanja Orning - cello

Eivind Lønning - trumpet

Giovanna Pessi - baroque harp

Per Oddvar Johansen - drums / percussion

Christian Wallumrød - piano / harmonium / toypiano

At the Ultima Festival for Contemporary Music 2000 (Oslo) he participated as an improvising soloist on Fender Rhodes (el-piano) on Eivind Buene‘s (N) „Objects of Desire“ with Oslo Sinfonietta, conducted by Christian Eggen.

In addition to the various ensemble work, Christian Wallumrød has done several solo performances, a.o. at the Ultima Festival 2003. The work of pianist and composer Christian Wallumrød and his ensemble continues to surprise and develop in strong, playful and intriguing directions. The new release ‘Fabula Suite Lugano’ cd has been met with praises throughout Europe and the US. It was also nominated for the Nordic Musicprice 2010. Embracing the space between classical, folk and jazz, Wallumrød’s evocative compositions perfectly capture the distinctive, delicate soundworlds peculiar to these exceptional musicians.


Nils Økland - violin / hardangerfiddle / viola d'amore

Arve Henriksen - trumpet

Per Oddvar Johansen - drums / percussion

Chr Wallumrød - piano / harmonium / toypiano


The ensemble of Christian Wallumrød continues to evolve in its own idiosyncratic way on Outstairs. By now, Wallumrød’s compositional signature is instantly recognizable. Nobody else writes pieces like this – multi-dimensional chamber music inspired by the sonorities of Norwegian folk and church music, influenced by early music and the post-Cage avant-garde, and liberated by jazz’s freedom of thought. This time around, the ensemble members share the arranging credits between them, making the music still more organic and flexible as new sound combinations emerge. The album won the norwegian Spellemannprisen (contemporary) 2014. ECM.

Christian Wallumrød - piano, harmonium, toy piano
Eivind Lønning - trumpet
Gjermund Larsen - violin, hardanger fiddle, viola
Espen Reinertsen - tenor saxophone
Tove Törngren - cello
Per Oddvar Johansen - drums, vibraphone

After a four-year break following the biennial run of four recordings beginning with 2003's Sofienberg Variations and ending with 2009's Fabula Suite Lugano (all on ECM), Christian Wallumrød returns with Outstairs. Building on the strength of what came before, the pianist/composer continues to assert a clear identity with this slightly altered ensemble, not only capitalizing on its own intrinsic chemistry but that of two specific members—extant ensemble trumpeter Eivind Lønning and, replacing Baroque harpist Giovanna Pessi, tenor saxophonist Espen Reinertsen—whose collaborative, improv-heavy Streifenjunko explores the expansive timbral possibilities of two instruments rarely thought of as duo material.

Listening to Outstairs after hearing it performed, almost in its entirety, at this year's TD Ottawa Jazz Festival only renders its profound compositional depth, and investigation into broad-spectrum potentials of color, melody, texture and dynamics, even more impressive. The ensemble possesses an intimate ability to unfurl, with rare patience, Wallumrød's compositions, which continue to simultaneously mine an appealing nexus of Norwegian traditionalism and Baroque classicism, in ways both modern and millennial. Full John Kelman ALLABOUTJAZZ review HERE



Follow-up to the critically-lauded “The Zoo Is Far”, of which the Irish Times wrote, “Explicitly moving away from jazz with this sextet despite the presence of musicians with jazz backgrounds, including himself, Wallumrød has reduced these elements to the peripheral, seeking, above all, a through-composed ensemble music that reflects his contacts with contemporary classical, baroque, Norwegian folk and church music. It’s exquisitely performed; the permutating blend of trumpet-violin/Hardanger fiddle/viola-cello-baroque harp and piano or harmonium, with rhythm, is uniquely beautiful. More


Absolutely beautiful Scandi-chamber jazz from another great Norwegian outfit. … This is ambient jazz full of small movements and gentle textural changes, but it’s surprisingly robust, with Wallumrød’s piano pleasingly edgy and drummer Ped Oddvar Johansen clattering away to good effect. If you buy one Norwegian jazz album this year, this is the one. Kerstan Mackness, Time Out London

.with this latest salvo Wallumrød’s creations have never sounded more bewitching and elusive (..) the luminescent sound of the group is practically enough to dazzle the ears for hours.’
Peter Margesak / Downbeat

‘Sounding like a jazz ensemble improvising on Messiaen's Quartet For The End Of Time, it's no place for a newcomer, but those fascinated by where jazz and modern classical are taking music should take a journey into this deep, dark forest.’
Andrew Male / MOJO

‘..a music that is, by turns, of the head and heart, celebratory and mocking (..) Is it jazz? No. It’s music that makes its own space.’
Ray Comiskey / Irish Times

‘The immense sonic resources of these six players seem to keep on growing.’
John Fordham / The Guardian


Christian Wallumrød (1971) - acoustic and electronic keyboards / composer - has worked as a musician and composer since 1992, and he is considered one of the most prominent musicians of the younger Norwegian generation. He made his debut on ECM Records with the album „No Birch“ (issued in 1996) to considerable critical acclaim. The album „Sofienberg Variations“ with a new ensemble (Christian Wallumrød Ensemble: with Nils Økland, Arve Henriksen and Per Oddvar Johansen) was released on ECM in 2003. Wallumrøds third album „A Year From Easter“, with the same ensemble, was released in spring 2005 on the German record label. An extended version of his acoustic ensemble (sextet with long time partners Henriksen and Johansen in addition to Gjermund Larsen on violins, Tanja Orning on cello and Giovanna Pessi on baroque harp) is playing Wallumrøds compositions on the recent ECM album „The Zoo Is Far“ (spring 2007).

The album „Merriwinkle“ (Jazzland Records/Universal) is his first recording with singer Sidsel Endresen. The collaboration with Endresen (which often also includes Helge Sten aka „Deathprod“) is based on improvisation. „Merriwinkle“ was released primo 2004 and has received splendid critics throughout Europe. He has also recorded several albums on Norwegian labels, a.o. with the trio Close Erase. In addition he has for several years been part of drummer Audun Kleive's „Generator X“ (2 albums on Jazzland Records). A fairly new project is a quartet with Norwegian impro-musicians Ivar Grydeland and Ingar Zach (known from the band Huntsville) and French clarinet player Xavier Charles. This is a group who works solely with acoustic and improvised music, in a different way. An album with their music was released on ECM Records in 2008. Wallumrød has generally focused on small ensembles, both as a performer and a composer. Apart from his present acoustic ensemble (CWE) were he writes all the material, most of his work is based on improvisation and the fluid borders between improvised and written music. Since the beginning of the 90’s he has toured, played festivals and made broadcasting recordings in Norway and Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czeck Rep., Hungary, Estonia, Slovenia, Italy, China and Canada. CWE was established in 2001 and has released the highly acclaimed albums ”Sofienberg Variations” (2003) , ”A Year From Easter” (2005) , The Zoo Is Far (2006) and Fabula Suite Lugano (2010) on ECM Records.









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